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Robert A. Küfner

Robert has been a part of the cryptoworld since the turn of the decade as the founder of the first publicly-listed company in Europe to focus solely on DLT - Smart Equity AG. Robert invested in the Ethereum crowdsale after meeting with Dr. Gavin Wood, and has since gone to found which serves to connect the real world with the vast potential of Distributed Ledger Technology.


Florian Reike

Florian’s burning passion for DLT led him to the cryptocurrency world back in 2013, where he swiftly began investing a range of tokens. Years of crypto-investment experience, paired with a keen eye for detail and deep knowledge of the industry, has helped Florian refine his research skill set which has proven an invaluable asset as CVO for


Till Wendler

Till was an early ethereum investor and has since become an active member of the crypto-community here in Berlin. Till’s focus is centred on realising his vision of connecting the real world with the power of Distributed Ledger Technology.


Max Thake

Max has been a part of and Advanced Blockchain AG from the start and has helped envision and shape the brands into what they are today. In 2017, Max founded an initiative aimed at using blockchain to help investigative journalists. He also co-authored ‘Das Krypto-Jahrzehnt’, together with Robert A. Küfner.


Leonard Dorlöchter

Leonard studied Business Informatics at the Technical University of Berlin before his passion for technology led him to a series of product development and project manager positions, eventually landing him among the founding teams of Advanced Blockchain AG and He’s worked on several high-profile projects while at Advanced Blockchain AG.